Air Curtains

High Air Velocity, Low Consumption, Low Noise

Doors of a shop need to be opened frequently to let people pass through. However, opening doors allows air to leak in from the outside, and this increases the energy consumption of air conditioners. By using Air Curtains, an invisible air screen will build up to minimize air exchange between the air outside and indoors.


Panasonic’s Air Curtains are designed to create a powerful high velocity air screen – providing excellent energy, comfort and hygiene control in your environment. The Air Curtains are able to retain conditioned air, allowing minimum temperature fluctuation as the doors are opened, whilst minimizing energy wastage. It helps to prevent odors and contaminants from transferring from one area to another, such as food odors and exhaust fumes. They also help screen out any annoying, harmful and germ-laden insects to maintain sanitation standards, and ensure comfort. It also helps in the prevention of dust and dirt from outdoors, maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment. 


• Heating and Cooling Retention Effect
• Deodorizing Effect
• Insect-Proof Effect
• Easy Maintenance
• Contemporary Design