High-precision Sensors and Control Program technologies optimise air conditioner operation according to room conditions, reducing energy waste and saving you money on your power bill.


Nano-technology fine particle air purifying system that works on the micro-organisms in the air, on surfaces, and even in the filter to ensure a cleaner living environment for you and your family.


With one touch of a button, your air conditioner detects room conditions to optimise cooling/heating comfort, and energy-saving operations.

Sunlight Detection

ECONAVI detects changes in sunlight intensity in the room and judges whether it is sunny or cloudy, daytime or night-time, and reduces the waste of cooling under less sunlight conditions.

Inverter Control

Inverter Air Conditioners constantly adjust compressor rotational speed to provide optimum performance, while reducing power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Mild Dry Cooling

Fine control helps prevent a rapid decrease in room humidity while maintaining the set temperature. Maintains a relative humidity of up to 10% higher than cooling operation. Ideal when sleeping with the air conditioner on.

5 Year Warranty

Panasonic air conditioners are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure years of reliable comfort. We even back our reliability by offering a full 5 year parts and labour warranty, on both domestic and commercial applications!

Quiet Mode

The Quiet Mode reduces both indoor and outdoor unit operating sound. This function is especially convenient for operation near a sleeping baby and at night-time.


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