There’s a Panasonic Air Conditioner for any application.

Industry leading Inverter technology puts Panasonic at the top of the list for air conditioning systems, with a host of innovative features and functions to help keep you comfortable. Members of the Panasonic Specialist Air Network have experience designing and installing air conditioning solutions for a wide range of needs and environments, so you can feel confident knowing that your comfort is being handled by a professional.

Energy Efficiency

Panasonic ultilises highly efficient R410A refrigerant, a DC Inverter compressor and DC fan motor to deliver substantial energy savings, benefiting both the environment and your power bill.

Australian Temperatures

Cooling will work when it’s a scorching 46°C outside, and you can use the heating when it’s a freezing -15°C outside. No matter where you live, your Panasonic air conditioner will keep you comfortable.

Superior Technology

  • Demand Response ready
  • Panasonic Inverter technology
  • DC fan motor
  • Incredibly quiet operation
  • Compact indoor and outdoor design
  • High static pressure allows flexible ducting design

5-Year Warranty

We’re so confident in our air conditioners that we provide a 5-year parts and labour warranty – even if they are used commercially, all day, every day!

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