Panasonic reliability – the facts.

Today, Panasonic air conditioners have earned widespread acclaim throughout the world. A rugged design ensures that the air conditioner will continue to keep the room comfortable, and operate trouble-free for many years. Panasonic believes this is the true value of an air conditioner.

1o,ooo Hours Continous Operation

  • We test our air conditioners for 10,000 hours in extreme conditions.
  • All parts and materials comply with RoHS/REACH – Europe’s world-leading environmental regulations.
  • Our air conditioner production uses advanced, state-of-the-art factory automation technologies.

Totally Unbreakable Design

  • We routinely disassemble a randomly selected unit to see how it has held up – and how it could be better.
  • Our air conditioners have specially designed packaging to withstand warehousing and transportation.
  • Remote controls are drop tested from as high as 1.5m, because we know that accidents happen.

Silence that won’t disturb

  • Air conditioners that keep you comfortable – without being noticed
  • The quiet operation mode means that you’ll never lose a good night’s sleep
  • EMC Tested to make sure your air conditioner won’t affect any of your other electronic devices.

Quality parts & manufacturing

  • Stringent inspections of more than 100 materials means no hazardous substances are used in manufacturing.
  • All units subjected to the elements are  IPX4 waterproof compliant.
  • Panasonic eco-ideas factories – reduce CO2 emissions from  the manufacturing process

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